Project Description

Client:   Town of Turtle
Location:   Turtle, WI
Scope: New 6,000 sf building

This project was the design of a new Administrative Building for the Town of Turtle, WI. It is approximately 6,000 square feet and includes offices, board rooms, lobby, and a reception area.
The intent of the design of the exterior of the building is to fit into the hillside, picking up the horizontal feeling of the long slope of the site into the building design. The entrance is detailed to emphasize the verticals against the horizontals of the building and site, and it is placed to receive visual distinction and clearly identify it as the main entrance.
The layout and organization of the building maintain a simple circulation path and provide major functions off the lobby area. Separate functional areas are grouped for security, access, and environmental control. Special care has been taken to provide a secure environment for the few staff occupying the building.