Project Description

Client:   St. Francis of Assisi
Location:   Belleville, WI
Scope: New 22,500 square foot church

This project was a new 22,500 square foot church for the consolidation of two growing parishes. The nave was designed for seating capacity of 600 with expansion to 850 without a physical expansion to the building. The daily chapel has seating for 80. The new parish hall was designed to expand into ten classrooms.

Design Direction
The building was developed on 11 ares of Wisconsin prairie, so the building massing is low to the ground and horizontal in proportions to tie the building to it’s surroundings. Sited to allow for the maximum amount of natural views from the sanctuary, the design separates the automobile and paved world from the natural prairie through the use of the large gathering spaces that eventually will tie the Nave to the parish center.

Unique Features
The day chapel incorporates 100 year old stained glass from the smaller of the two parishes. The Nave ceiling features classic craftsman style stencils to provide relief and color in a very large ceiling space, and the floor of the Nave is colored and stained concrete.