Project Description

Client: Cedar Crest
Location: Janesville, WI
Scope: 21,800 sf renovation

Cedar Crest desired a more resident centered dining environment with updates to finishes and image, and also needed improved staff productivity. Angus-Young Associates provided the design and detailing of three pantry style kitchens in each wing of the existing 1967 nursing home. Finishes, colors and detailing were all selected to give a warm, home feeling.

Additional spaces included:
Resident spas, beauty salon, a computer area, dining and full renovation of main production kitchen.

Design Challenges
While energy efficiency issues were solved by upgrading the HVAC in existing units, fitting within the existing ceiling while keeping a compliant fl­oor-to-ceiling height required a high level of coordination between structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing engineers.

Our Solution
Ductwork and plumbing was fit between structural members above the corridor ceilings while still maintaining a required floor-to-ceiling height. To relieve the feeling of low ceilings in the corridors, ceiling soffits were constructed which housed the necessary lighting. Not only did this design successfully employ the required building systems for energy efficiency, the ceiling soffits and placement of fixtures within the soffits create architectural design features within the corridors.
Through project phasing and working directly with residents, a plan was formulated that allowed the construction to proceed, while respecting residents needs which made the project more of a ‘community effort’, rather than a nuisance.