Project Description

Client: Alliant Energy
Location: Cedar Ridge, WI
Scope: New 8,340 sf facility

The Cedar Ridge Wind Farm Maintenance Service Center services to education visitors and operates the wind turbines that have been planned and undergoing installation in the Towns of Eden and Empire in Fond du Lac County. The Maintenance Service Center achieved Gold Certification for LEED for New Construction v 2.2 in 2008.

The layout of the building consists of an office area for the technicians, engineers and administration, a conference/education room with access to an outdoor patio, data/telecom and mechanical rooms, and a vehicle storage facility for the fleet vehicles at the rear of the building. The rear of the building has a fenced in outdoor storage area for Alliant Energy’s storage of products.
The site features native plant restorations and a storm water detention pond. The majority of the site was restored to a short grass prairie, with minimal lawn mowing. The site also features and educational kiosk to educate visitors about the facility.
The Maintenance Service Center has incorporated many sustainable features, including have the wind turbine energy power this facility. The facility also features geothermal heating and low-flow plumbing fixtures. Efficient T8 fluorescent light fixtures will be controlled by individual room occupancy sensors throughout the building. The HVAC energy management system will control the three office heat pumps and garage heat pump based on space temperature set points. Heat recovery wheels are used to increase outside air brought in the building before mixing it with building release air. In addition, carbon dioxide monitors control the amount of outside air brought into the building based on the amount of carbon dioxide present in the rooms.

The construction of this facility recycled construction materials rather than sending them to a landfill. The interior of the facility utilizes low-emitting materials, which promotes a healthy indoor air quality.