Photos by Angus-Young

The new Janesville Transit Services Center is equipped to handle the city’s transit needs today and into the future.

The new facility accommodates 22 buses total in the storage garage. The maintenance area of the building has five bays total with three 60,000 lb two-post piston style lifts and one 90,000 lb parallel lift. The maintenance bay also has a 5-ton bridge crane. The facility contains an indoor fueling and “pre-cleaning” room in series with the wash bay in which the entire fleet will get cleaned, fueled and washed prior to getting stored for the night. The bulk fluids system monitors all fueling through integration of the city’s existing fleet management software system. The wash bay contains a drive-through style bus wash system with RO water reclaim and wiper/dryer system.

  • Architecture
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

The maintenance bays, wash bay and indoor fueling spaces have all been designed for future use of a CNG fueled bus fleet. All these rooms are heated with radiant floors to avoid the use of direct combustion equipment in the space which is required by the NFPA. The site has been designed to accommodate future expansion of the bus storage garage and to give the Transit Services Center a friendly face along a main thoroughfare in Janesville

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