Architecture Services

The following is a list of services that our Architectural Design Division can provide. Any and all of these services can be provided for any building type, new or renovation:


  • Interviews with the management team
  • Determine the functional requirements, space needs, operational adjacencies
  • Determine long term growth projections
  • Develop an abbreviated building program
  • Review building and fire code requirements

Schematic Design

  • Concept Design including images and renderings, 3D model, and animations including fly-around and/ or building walk-through videos.
  • Production of Photo realistic or hand sketch quality renderings and images – including eye-level perspectives, aerials, plans, and elevations.
  • Develop and determine the client’s design goals and “image” desired
  • Determine building or project phasing
  • Develop building floor plans
  • Illustrate the spatial and functional aspects of the design
  • Space Planning
  • Exterior building elevations
  • Selection and evaluation of building materials
  • Project scheduling
  • Construction cost estimate
  • Evaluation of estimate with proposed building systems, materials, and scope

Design Development

  • Determine construction type, materials, and finishes

Construction Documentation

Develop construction documents with reviews and progress meetings at 50%, and 90% and red mark stage.

  • Provide entire bidding / construction set to client for review and approval.
  • Review and “redmarking” of documents by independent reviewer.
  • Make necessary changes to documents as identified by “redmark review.”
  • Coordinate printing of bidding / construction documents.
  • Schedule and coordinate site plan and state building plan reviews.

Bidding and Negotiations

  • Answer questions
  • Prepare Addenda
  • Assist in obtaining bids
  • Preparation of the Standard AIA Owner-Contractor contracts
  • Award contracts for construction

Construction Services

  • Review of shop drawings
  • Attending job meetings
  • Review on site construction
  • Prepare clarifications and answer questions as needed
  • Closely review the project for substantial completion
  • Assist in gathering as-built drawings and documents, warranties, instruction and operation manuals from the contractor
  • Prepare closing documents and paperwork required

Post Construction Services

  • Review project within one year to determine if any issues have risen and work with you to get them resolved
  • Post occupancy evaluations
  • Preventive Maintenance planning
  • Document Management
  • On-going facility services can be provided
  • Building Photography
  • Graphic design/ Marketing/ Website images
  • Capital budgeting
  • Roof and equipment replacements