1956 – Firm Established

The firm was established in 1956 when Lincoln F. Frelich, AIA, and James J. Angus, AIA became partners in the firm of Frelich-Angus and Associates in Janesville. Roger Young, AIA, a graduate of Iowa State University, became a partner of the firm in 1972. The name of the firm changed to Frelich-Angus-Young Architects. This combination of principals continued until 1981 when Lincoln Frelich retired, and the firm became known as Angus-Young Architects, S.C.

1986 – Ownership Reorganized

The firm of Angus-Young Architects was reorganized in 1986 by virtue of ownership changes, and became known as Angus-Young Associates, Inc. The change included principal ownership by Gordon Buitendorp and James Vanderveen, owners of the architectural and engineering firm of GMB Architecture + Engineering of Holland, Michigan. The expansion enabled the Janesville-based Angus-Young Associates to present a full range of architectural and engineering services and handle a larger variety of projects for their clients.


In 1987, Jeffrey Hazekamp, AIA, joined the firm as the Managing Principal of the Janesville office. Joseph J. Stadelman, AIA, joined the firm in January of 1988 and became a principal in 1993. In 1990, Angus-Young Associates acquired the firm of Rose Associates/Architects. Between 1993 and 1997, Jeffrey Hazekamp and Joseph Stadelman acquired 90% of the firm from Mr. Buitendorp and Mr. Vanderveen of GMB.

1997 – New Principal Ownership

In 1997 the new principal ownership now in Wisconsin agreed to a working affiliation between the Michigan offices of GMB. The affiliation brings the advantages of a large firm with a small firm economy and management.

2004 – 2007

In 2004, Zachary Goswick, P.E. became a shareholder in the firm, and in 2007 became a principal and took the role of Managing Engineer.

2011 – Additional Shareholders

In 2011, Jeffrey Davis, AIA became a shareholder of the organization.

2014 – AYA adds new Madison Office

In 2014, AYA opened an office in Madison, WI located at 16 North Carroll Street on the Capital Square.


In 2015, Brad Werginz, AIA became shareholder in the firm.


In 2016, Jeff Davis, AIA joined the corporate board of AYA.

Our Historic Janesville Office

Where it all started

Our Janesville Headquarters office is housed within the first water pumping station for the City of Janesville. It was designed by Ernest Boydon, an architect from Boston, and was built in 1887. The old pumping station is the only 19th century public building in the City of Janesville. Several additions were done over the years and in 1985, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Fire (1989)

A fire nearly destroyed the water works in 1989, which was a suspected arson, and the building stood vacant for the next 7 years.

The Renovation (1996)

Angus Young Associates saw the potential for renovating the water works for use as their office building, and bought the property from the city in 1992. Renovation work was done during the summer and fall of 1996, restoring the exterior and retaining as many historic elements as possible. The interior is designed to highlight the features of the original building while using contemporary styles and colors. The chimney stands alone as it did in 1887, now flanked by skylights to further separate it from the surrounding structure.

In one of the design studios, a low ceiling was removed to open up the space and reveal the round top window. The library maintains the appearance of the two-story engine room; the original handrails are in use today, and an original tap saddle fitting serves as the base of a glass topped table. Throughout the water works, bright colors and century-old brick bring out the excitement and texture of the original building blended with the contemporary nature of today’s architecture. A mixture of interesting spacial experiences and a unique work environment are the outcome of this 100+ year old building.

The Wisconsin Trust for Historic Preservation recognized Angus Young Associates for the renovation of the Janesville Water Works “in grateful acknowledgment of significant contributions for outstanding achievement in historic preservation to document and preserve the cultural history of Wisconsin.” November, 1997