Cooling Towers

Angus Young Associates worked closely with Waukesha County to replace their existing cooling towers at the County jail. The existing cooling towers were replaced with two new marly, induced draft crossflow cooling towers. New structural supports and enclosures were designed to support and house the new cooling towers. The units were equipped with customized safety access platforms and ladders to accommodate the new and existing structure.

Chilled Water Plant

The design goal of this project was to upgrade the existing chiller to a higher efficiency, more sustainable chiller. With no access to the basement mechanical room that houses the chiller ,we worked with the owner and contractor to come up with a solution to open a hole in the existing foundation wall to get the new chiller into the building.
To assist in installation, we had to have the chiller shipped in a knock-down configuration. Once the chiller components were located to the mechanical room, the chiller manufacturer reassembled the chiller and provided factory start-up.

Air Handling Upgrades

The project included the installation of a new dedicated outside-air air handling unit serving two of the inmate pod areas. The goal of the project was to improve air distribution and occupant comfort in the inmate pods and the near term areas.
The air handling unit was equipped with a total energy recovery wheel and airside economizer controls. Hot water heating and chilled water piping was extended to the new air handling system from the existing hot water heating and chilled water plants. AYA worked with Waukesha County to implement the new system while inmates were present and limit the disruption and impact of the daily operation of the jail facility.