Project Description

Client:   Wisconsin School for the Deaf
Location:   Delavan, WI
Scope: New 27,056 sf facility

The Wisconsin School for the Deaf was in need of a replacement facility for their
existing High School Building, Walker Hall. The new High School, renamed Chesebro Hall, is a single-story facility with a small second floor area for mechanical equipment. Its location is in close proximity and connected to existing academic facilities, for the use of shared facilities, and for providing weather protected circulation between buildings.

The new high school includes offices, work rooms, a conference room, and a staff lounge in a central location. These offices include space for principals, and their support staff, specialists, psychologists, and counselors. This centrally located administrative area helps facilitate communication on a daily basis and in the event of crisis situations.
The new facility provides the technology equipment required for the present educational programs, including emergency messaging, smart boards, computers, video projectors, and WIFI. The electrical system is adaptable to technological advancements that will be employed in the future. Classrooms that serve students with emotional and behavior disorders are adjacent to each other and in close proximity to the in-school suspension classroom and a separate unisex toilet room. Support staff offices are also located in the same area.