Our Sustainable Design Experience

Angus Young Associates has extensive experience in sustainable design.  Historically, our team has utilized sustainable principles to their highest potential, and is evident in ABC’s National Headquarters, which was completed in 1995 and obtained the largest energy efficiency rebate at the time.  As a multi-disciplinary firm, we have knowledgeable and creative sustainable designers in each and every discipline, as well as multiple LEED Accredited Professionals on our Team. We work seamlessly to integrate the building design and sustainable concepts to create a successful facility.

AYA is a member of the US Green Building Council and the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance. To date, AYA has completed 7 LEED Certified Buildings in the Midwest. However, even when not working on a LEED building, we believe that sustainable practices should always be explored and widely used when possible.

 Responsible design

We have worked with clients that do not want to go through the LEED certification process, but would like to incorporate sustainable principles into the design and construction of the project.  Examples of these include a geothermal system in the Village of Poplar Grove’s Municipal Building, a geothermal ice making and mechanical system at the Janesville Ice Arena and the Sustainable Janesville Award-Winning Data Dimensions, which utilized several sustainable features, such as:

  • Clerestory windows allowing natural light into space, which has lighting that provides for manual dimming based on daylight levels
  • LED internally-lit exterior signage
  • Exterior light fixtures with full-cutoff to prevent light pollution
  • White Roof to reduce heat island effect
  • Energy-efficient 28-watt T-5 light fixtures
  • Occupancy sensors and lighting controls
  • Reduced mercury content in light fixtures
  • Manual lighting reduction by stepped dimming in individual offices
  •  Advanced metering to allow for tracking of energy use of data center within building
  • Air-side economizer on both of rooftop units
  • High efficiency chillers
  • VFD’s on chilled and heated water distribution system
  • Efficient VAV air handling system
  • In-row rack cooling system with VFD to adjust fan speed in the data center